The Challenge:

Empire Indemnity helps BHPH and LHPH dealers and lenders by providing a force-placed insurance and an innovative technology platform designed to help dealers and lenders manage their insurance needs efficiently. The challenge like many is that Empire was struggling to contacts all of the BHPH dealerships across the country. They needed help with generating a list of contacts and of course then needed a strategy and staff to try and prospect into those leads. For those not familiar with B2B Appoinment Setting this can be a large project to take on your own. Tis is when Empire Auto reached out to HelloMQL to learn how our B2B Appointment Setting Services work.

Our Strategy:

First our team spent a few weeks learning about Empires USP and the BHPH Industry. We build a customer Sales Strategy that we felt would grab Auto Dealerships attention, this composed of the following.

  • Cold Call Scripts
  • Email Drip Campaignsl
  • Custom Videos
  • Subdomains
  • Linkedin Scripting
  • Calandar Automations
  • CRM / ESP and other tech stacks

Results: (6 months)

Over the last 6 months it has become clear that our strategy has paid off!

  • Pipeline: $1,150,000
  • Total Meetings Created: 115Meetings
  • AVG Meetings p/month: 32 (8 p / week)
  • Total Calls Made: 23k
  • AVG Calls p/day: 185
  • Emails Sent: 26k