The Challenge:

HR Plus is a Staffing Firm based in Texas working with local startups to Fortune 500 companies. HR Plus was targeting B2B companies to provide Staffing for them but was having a hard time getting them to take a scheduled call. HR Plus was aware that hiring SDRS internally would cost top dollar, run them benefits and they would eventually need an SDR Manager or take time aware from other initiates. The Staffing industry is highly competitive, HR Plus needed a way to stand out...and fast.

Our Strategy:

HR Plus originally approached HelloMQL to learn more about our Appointment Setting program. After an initial kickoff call, our team spent 1 full week training on the solution, defining the Ideal customer profile and understanding the challenges Sugar Living solves for thier customers. We quickly created custom scripting and put together all the technology needed to do outbound at scale.  Each week our teams met, reviewed results, edited scripts and improved throughout the process. The results speak for themselves.

Results: (over 6 months)

  • 120+ Meetings Booked!
  • $2M in Qualified Pipeline Built!
  • 28,000 thousand + Cold Calls!
  • 30 thousands + Emails !
  • 1800 + Linkedin Messages sent!