The Challenge:

Talage a small and lean company in the Insurance Industry looking to increase revenues but hiad tight margins and needed fast results. Talage reached out to HelloMQL to learn more about our Appointment Setting Program. A successful appointment setting strategy is an invaluable tool for any business, as it helps ensure that customer interactions are effective and that customer relationships are nurtured and strengthened.

Our Strategy:

1. Prepare a Script for Cold Calls

2. Setup the technology for the campaign (CRM etc)

3. 1 week training on Talage

4. Go live

5. Tweak results

Results: (over 4 months)

  • 70 + Meetings Booked!
  • $5,000,000 in Qualified Pipeline Built!
  • 10,000 thousand + Cold Calls!
  • 10,000 thousands + Emails !
  • 500 + Linkedin Messages sent!