Learn or Teach is the one-stop-shop for all  training needs. Whether it's creating or requesting custom courses, measuring success, or scheduling events, on Learn or Teach you can do it all. An intuitive course builder that allows you to assemble course elements quickly and simply. It saves you time and resources. Users can create simple but engaging lessons with their intuitive course builder. Add interactive assessments to reinforce learning and share courses with teams or individuals.


The Learn or Teach team needed a scalable way to sell the solution to wide audience and meet revenue goals. To first to this the team needed a high velocity top of funnel structure and process. Before HelloMQL this was mainly being done over unstructured phone calls and low close rates. The team really needed a way to build top of funnel leads and close them at a high rate.

Top notch expert at lead gen, has a fundamental approach that really builds on from basics and gets right knee deep in details. 100% recommend, gonna be my advisor long term, thank me later!  😊🙏🏽

LearnorTeach Platform

Our Solution:

We needed to come up with a process that can be truly scaled, not just to a specific IDP but to the wider audience. Our main goal was to increase top of funnel qualified leads and close at a high rate. To do this we first wanted to see what other companies in the E-learning space are doing and how are they being successful. This allowed us to reverse engineer success and create a tailored approach that can be used for years.

  • IDP Definition (who are we selling to)
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis (SWAT!)
  • Challenges the program solves
  • Tailored Prospecting funnels
  • Automation
  • Top of funnel sales scripting


  • Higher quality meetings created
  • Structured sales process
  • Increased sales (3x)