Next Steps Inc:

NextSteps® is an indoor wayfinding tool that has a long term approach. Any enterprise organization will benefit from this mobile application. We provide turn by turn indoor navigation that features calendar integration and augmented reality. NextSteps® has a novel approach to wayfinding which allows users to create “traces” to and from static locations to provide indoor navigation using existing smartphone sensors. Next Steps uses a unique combination of features not found in other indoor navigation application. Next Steps Inc works primarily with Enterprise Public locations (Hospitals, Airports etc).

The Challenge:

NextSteps Inc was challenged with growing their new business sales, they needed to hire a Sales Director and Sellers but did not know where or how to begin. Director of Sales can run the average Startup ($150k +) and a full time Sales Executive can run ($100k). Like most Startups when you start out funds are limited thus we needed a way to yield the same results but at a fraction of the cost. Next Steps was a perfect candidate for our Sales Plans.

They have a great product but needed a roadmap on how to go out and sell it. This roadmap consisted of needing a detailed prospecting route, new hires and a sure fire way to close leads at a high rate.

"We worked with HelloMQL in December 2020, they achieved all milestones and we are about to land our biggest contract yet!.”
NextSteps Inc Mobile App

Our Strategy:

Over a 2 month period of time the HelloMQL team worked day and night to setup NextSteps Inc's internal sales system.

  • Built a working sales funnel to attract and qualify leads
  • Built a sales deck, proposal and more to present to potential clients
  • Built a new hiring sales process to attract, train and retain new sales hires
  • Built scripting (cold call, email drips, objection handling and more) for the Nextsteps Inc team to use when prospecting and pitching potential clients
  • Put together necessary sales software to manage their pipeline (CRM, Prospecting tools etc)
  • Provided weekly 1 on 1 guidance to assist wherever needed
  • Dedicated Slack Channel, Google Drive and more


  • A well defined Sales Strategy for the Next Steps team to follow
  • Nextsteps Inc has since tripled their sales team (3 new sales hires).
  • Next Steps Inc is about to land their biggest company contract yet
  • Next Steps Inc has increased their top of funnel leads
  • Nextsteps Inc has a working sales model that can be expanded, scaled and repeated