On2Air is developed and maintained by Openside, a Utah-based team passionate about making workflows capable and streamlined with Airtable for people everywhere. They are constantly exploring, iterating, and improving the tools we build for the people using Airtable everyday. Their tools have been and are being used by companies in a wide variety of industries from around the world. With real-time feedback loops with each company they are able to adjust quickly and provide additional features to better meet the evolving needs of technology.


On2 Air was looking for a way to break into the Airtable ecosystem. To do this their needed to be a specific and tailored sales approach to increase top of funnel leads. On2Air competed with the Zapiers of the world so part of their challenge was finding a way to stand out and increase top of funnel. Once they had interested leads they needed a repeatable and scalable sales system to close them at scale.

“HelloMql was great to work with. Very supportive and positive and always available when needed. Helped lay a solid foundation for our sales efforts. Went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed to get started ”

Out Strategy:

We wanted to make a specific sales system tailored to the Airtable community and we needed to make it similar but more attractice then the Zapier of the world. We decided to focus on On2Air" Amplify one of thier key products in the On2air ecosystem. Our strategy was to create a sales system that sells this mainly to users of Airtable who specifically need to get the Airtable data into Google Sheets.

  • We first created a roadmap to follow
  • We then defined the Ideal Customer Profile
  • We then defined how to prospect into that IDP
  • We then researched On2Air Amplifys top competitors
  • Our team then created an entire sales system to sell into this IDP
  • Sales decks, proposals, pricing updates for subscription models
  • Scripting, cold call, email drip campaign, objection handling, voicemails, sales deck scripting, Linkedin and much more
  • Closing techniques
  • New hires to increase top of funnel and more