The Challenge:

With Covid in its peak's services were in a prime position to take advantage of the digitally age. Being that is a small/lean team they had limited time and resources to make calls and generate pipeline. The team did not want to spend $100k + for an SDR / SDR Manager but needed a way to produce revenue quickly. After spending months trying to hire sales roles Internally, creating training programs, implementing tech stacks and spending countless hours/money they decided they to reach out to HelloMQL.

Our Strategy: worked with HelloMQLs Appointment Setting Program to help them generate qualified meetings. After an initial kickoff call, our team spent 1 full week training on the solution, the Ideal customer profile, challenges it solves and objections faced. We quickly created custom scripting and put together all the technology needed to do outbound at scale. This resulted in the campaign going live within 10 days of signoff.

Results: (within 30 days of beginning)

  • 10 + Meetings Booked
  • $200,000 in Qualified Pipeline Built
  • Multiple Proposals sent
  • 1,000 + Cold Calls per week
  • 1,000 + Emails sent per week
  • 100 + Linkedin DM's sent per week