We will build your startup a repeatable and scalable Sales plans including sales decks, software setup, scripts, automation, to working KPI's, commission models, consultations, and more. This provides you with a proven sales plan that can be used for years to come as you scale your team. Typically once this is complete our clients then move you into our "Appointment setters" program where our team then prospects and makes calls on your behalf using the scripting and tools we created.

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Are you selling B2B Service and need a Scalable Repeatable Sales Plan?

  • We learn about how you’ve structured your team, your goals, where you are looking to go, learn who you want to sell to and build a tailored plan around that.

  • We add our secret sauce and get to work. Our team will build you a completely Tailored Sales system that will bring you from "hoping" to "closing".

  • Off to the races! Time to put the practice into action


We work in the cloud, dedicated Google drive folders and Slack channels

Kick off call 🕛

We will setup an hour-long call to discuss your current model, your goals, decide what the "perfect lead" is for you and more. The entire project will revolve around the "perfect lead" you are looking to sell to and your top line goals. We wills set clear timelines, provide clear communication channels and more.


Communication 🔊

Our team provides weekly phone calls to go over updates, questions and progress. All of our work is transparent and shared with you in the Google Cloud and dedicates slack channels. We provide 24.7 customer support via private slack channels and dedicated account managers. Further we provide video guides that go over best practices.

The Foundation ➡️

Depending on your "perfect lead" we will begin creating what we call the "foundation" of your plan (think sales decks, scripts, website, emails drip campaigns, lead generation plans etc) anything visual your client will see that will help you sell.


Software Setup 💻

Once The Foundation stage is complete we will now move onto the software stage. Our team will set up a unique tech stack that is designed to hit your goals. We will setup your software and include automation so that you spend minimal time on it and is scalable and repeatable.

Putting it all together ✔️

Now comes the fun, we will then combine the Foundation and Software into one complete journey. This will be a repeatable program that allows you to test, measure and scale. You are then ready to sell!


Choose your plan


Supercharge your sales with a solid foundation to work off

Defining your ICP
90 day sales plan
1 on 1 consultations
Software flows
Demo deck and more..
Talk to sales


Built for fast growing companies who want scalability
     (Everything in Supercharge +)

Cold call scripts
Email drip campaigns
Sales demo scripting
CRM setup
Automation and more..
Talk to sales


   1 on 1 Consultations

Weekly Calls
Talk to sales


Common Questions...

What exactly are Sales Plans?
Sales plans are tailored plans built and designed to grow your sales. Each plan comes with a list of specific deliverables that we build for you based on your goals.
How long does it take?
We offer 3 tiers of Sales Plans that can be completed in as short as 4 weeks to as long as 12 weeks depending on the plan you choose.
What do you need from me?
We will setup a 60 minute kickoff call to go over this in more detail, get to know you and plan out a roadmap to achieve. We need a good understanding of your solution, what makes your solution stand out, what challenges does it solve, who are you helping.
How do I receive updates and ask questions?
Customer service is everything to HelloMQL. We provide each client with weekly 60 minute call to go over progress, a dedicated Slack Channel and a dedicated Google Drive. You have 24.7 access and visibility into the project at all times.
How do I know which plan is right for me?
On a discovery call we will review the different plans with you and based on your challenges and goals we will advise which plan we would recommend.
What results should I expect?
You will be provided a world class Sales Plan that can be built on and scaled as your Startup grows. These plans provide you all the bells and whistles you need to sell, sell and sell!
Still have questions?
Our team is here to help.
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